Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 2K10

Hello Ink Blots!

The next meeting of The Community of Mercer County Writers will be on January 29th at the Ag Center on US 127 at 6:30.

If you can bring a story or poem about a pet or an animal it would be great since we are working on putting out a chapbook for the Prose for Pets event in May.

We have some great stuff going on this year so please try to come and bring a writer friend with you...spread the word to those without email and let's get 2010 started off with a big bang... I am excited and hope those of you who have been missing can get started back and we can see lots of great things happen for each of you this year.

PLEASE let me know as soon as you can if you can make it and if you are bringing someone with you so I can make plans for snacks etc...

Let's all get back together and have some great fun.

It's Finally Over

It's Finally Over

You caused so much heartache and pain,
you ripped my family apart.
Your lies and manipulation
were things we never understood.
You could never be trusted
or depended on
you really were no man,
but when you pulled her into your life,
nothing was ever the same again.
From booze to drugs to all the things you stole,
you dragged her down into your world,
into that angry pit of deception.
There was a time I prayed for your death
when the drunken crash almost took you away,
but she nursed you back to health,
thou you were never again quiet whole.
She was finally able to escape and turn her life around,
but the hand of fate had other plans,
and the grief remains today.
Not even a prison term
could change your shoddy character,
and you emerged just the same,
not worse, but no hell of a lot better.
I tired very hard to avoid your presence,
but whenever I'd least expect it,
there you were in my face
triggering the volatile emotions
I couldn't wrap my head around.
But now you've taken the coward's way out,
thrown away the life she gave you back,
and I wish I could feel compassion for you -
I am sorry your family must suffer and
I am sorry your momma had to find you -
but now I don't have to worry anymore
about the affect you have had on my family.
I know she may be feeling sadness,
as she looks down from above,
but she'll never see you again
because if there is a God up in Heaven,
then your elevator went down.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prose for Pets - V V

(This is the closest picture I could find to match V V, without the black V on her head. As soon as I can scan a picture of the real V V, I will post it.)

1969 - 1986

I’ve always been a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, too, but cats are my favorite pets of all. I’ve had many pets over the years, but my first cat will always hold a special place in my heart.

When I was seven years old, my parents allowed us to have an indoor cat. I’m not sure where the little kitten came from, but she instantly became a part of our family.

A solid white Persian cat with faint black markings on top of her head, this little bundle of white fluff was so cute and my brother and sister and I argued over what to name her. They wanted cutesy names like Snowball or Fluffy; I wanted something unusual.

Because of the black markings on top of her head were in the shape of the letter V, I convinced my siblings the name V V was appropriate for our beloved cat. And V V she would be all through my childhood.

For those of you who have cats, you know a cat chooses her person, not the other way around. V V tolerated everyone in our family, but she loved me. She would sleep at the foot of my bed or lay on my stomach whenever I was reading.

She loved to sit on the divider between the living room and the hallway – a little half wall with spindles. She would sit very still and then swat at people with her paw, as they would walk down the hall.

Or she would hid in a corner and jump out at your ankles whenever you passed by.

V V was especially bad at Christmas time when she would try and climb the Christmas tree. In the early 1970s, most ornaments were glass and we lost quiet a few ornaments because of her adventures with the tree.

By the time I was married, V V was over 10 years old and becoming slow with her old age. My brother and sister wanted a dog for a pet because V V was no longer fun to play with. My new husband did not want an indoor cat and V V was too pampered and set in her ways to start being an outdoor cat.

So, V V went to live with friends for the remainder of her life, and she lived to the grand old age of 17. Although I’ve had many cats since that time, V V was the first and I will always remember her fondly.

Friday, January 1, 2010

3 KY Authors to Read at Carmichael's Bookstore

Sunday, January 31, 2010, Carmichael's Bookstore in Louisville,KY will host readings featuring three talented writers. Poet Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, a recent graduate of Spalding University’s MFA program and the author of Air Around the Butterfly, a book of poems in English and her native Bulgarian. She is the host of Accents, a radio show for literature, arts and culture that airs on Lexington’s WRFL. Katerina is the founder and leader of poetry and prose groups for writers in Lexington and is a member of The Community of Mercer County Writers - NOMADIC INK. Her poems and stories have appeared in literary publications in the U. S. and Europe and have been nominated for several literary awards. Angela Jackson-Brown is a poet and writer who will read from her recent work which includes a story in the newest issue of New Southerner magazine. Angela teaches English at Ball State University and is a graduate of Spalding’s MFA in Creative Writing program. She is working on a novel, a collection of short stories set during the Harlem Renaissance and a poetry collection. The third reader is local favorite Sheri Wright. Sheri is the author of four books of poetry including the forthcoming The Courtship of Reason, which will be published in March by Kentucky’s Finishing Line Press.