Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prose For Pets

Here is the jump start for the May 8th Prose for Pets event - it can be prose or poetry.

Finish this:
"I picked her up on the side of the road during the worst thunder storm I had ever seen..."
Send your writing to Tony at: Once I get several of these back, I am going to send them to Todd Borek (the morning weatherman for Channel 27) who is going to be at Prose For Pets event we have planned.


Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Art

Here is the logo for the 1st Annual Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Art - pretty cool!

We are going to be needing volunteers for both the April 16th-17th KSPS Mid-Year Conference and the June 26th Harrodsburg Festival of Books and Art. We need help with giving people information about where things are and playing host to our out of town guests. The festival needs lots of volunteers: hosts for the hospitality room, author helpers, information booth and general help with whatever might come up. So far we have at least 30 authors signed up with at least that many more who are just going to read at the festival.

If you want to volunteer, contact Tony at:

Next Meeting

We will be meeting this Friday

March 12th @ 6:30pm

at the Ag Center on US 127

and we are going to have a great meeting

Bobbi Rightmyer will be doing a Make Your Own Chapbook workshop

She will be showing us how to put one together

and how to bind it.

Shirley Walls will bring some cool material to use for binding

You need to bring a few poems or short stories with you

if you can print them in landscape so there are two poems per page

or two pages of short story on each page

that will help in laying it out.


So come on and join us so Bobbi can practice on us for her big workshop on April 17th


let me know if you can or cannot come so we can have enough snacks and supplies

I hope to see you there.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Limerick Contest

March 17, 2010
Saint Patrick's Day
8pm at
Old Owl Tavern
Top 15 entries will be judged by the patrons of the tavern. Open to all and the winner will receive a nice prize, but
you must be present to read your limerick to win!!!
For more information, contact
Tony Sexton
or call (859) 734-7867