Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Am v.2

In my mind I am a woman of great beauty,
A passionate lover,
A breeze floating through the meadow…

I am the light rain on the plains,
I am the surf on the sand;
I am the water of the tide,
I am a shell in the ocean…

A breeching wave crashes into me and sends me sprawling onto the shore where I am collected in buckets and in the cloth of shirts and bathing suits. I collect in pockets and in tide pools dug by children. I am strung up and hung around the necks of friends, family, and lovers…

I am a gentle kiss,
I am a light touch that delights the skin,
I am a promise wrapped in a dazzling disguise.

In my mind I am a bit of sunlight,
A reflecting rainbow,
A nervous laugh.

I am the blush on excited cheeks,
I am the gap in braced teeth,
I am the smell of kind flowers,
I am the sweet summer rain,

I fall through sky and wind, winding down through the clouds and broad leaves of trees. I connect the earth and sky that never meet, and let the sky kiss the earth with her broad fingertips. I am the water of life; I am the messenger of the heavens…

I am the moonlight on the water,
A gull’s lonely call,
A bullfrog in the silence.

I am the smile on your lips,
I am the photograph in the frame,
I am the wind in the valley.

I am all the simple things we take for granted.
I am the kind life unnoticed but ever-changing.

I am the way the world begins at the end.

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  1. I like the photo you picked for this one, Morgan! It you get this emailed to Roni? The new Speaking Out workshop starts next week - I hope to see you there.

    This piece becomes more powerful everytime I read it!


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