Sunday, August 16, 2009

Book Launch

Congratulations to Tony Sexton and Earl P. Dean on your successful book launch/mixer yesterday at the Kentucky Fudge Company. Tony has just released his first book of poetry, "Scraps," and Earl has release a science fiction novella, "A Tailor Maiden's Secret."

Both of these books are available at Wasteland Press and Amazon.

Herschel McKinley - the MC (Photo by Bobbi Rightmyer)

Earl P. Dean (Photo by Cheryl Sexton)

Tony Sexton (Photo by Bobbi Rightmyer)

Earl P. Dean and Tony Sexton (Photo by Cheryl Sexton)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Am v.2

In my mind I am a woman of great beauty,
A passionate lover,
A breeze floating through the meadow…

I am the light rain on the plains,
I am the surf on the sand;
I am the water of the tide,
I am a shell in the ocean…

A breeching wave crashes into me and sends me sprawling onto the shore where I am collected in buckets and in the cloth of shirts and bathing suits. I collect in pockets and in tide pools dug by children. I am strung up and hung around the necks of friends, family, and lovers…

I am a gentle kiss,
I am a light touch that delights the skin,
I am a promise wrapped in a dazzling disguise.

In my mind I am a bit of sunlight,
A reflecting rainbow,
A nervous laugh.

I am the blush on excited cheeks,
I am the gap in braced teeth,
I am the smell of kind flowers,
I am the sweet summer rain,

I fall through sky and wind, winding down through the clouds and broad leaves of trees. I connect the earth and sky that never meet, and let the sky kiss the earth with her broad fingertips. I am the water of life; I am the messenger of the heavens…

I am the moonlight on the water,
A gull’s lonely call,
A bullfrog in the silence.

I am the smile on your lips,
I am the photograph in the frame,
I am the wind in the valley.

I am all the simple things we take for granted.
I am the kind life unnoticed but ever-changing.

I am the way the world begins at the end.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Full Moon Fever

(Photo by Jim Pankey "WildSpirit" - Jim's Photography can be found at Picasa and Fotothing)


Full moon fever,
On a Friday night;
Brings the crazies,
into the light.

Blinding light,
in the darkness prey;
Will steal the sight,
And light of day.

Be still my heart,
Locked away in love,
You're not so smart,
With powers' glove.

Give me a pass,
Just once would you please;
Leave me still on the grass,
And down low on my knees.

So werewolf in kind,
Gathered 'round in the wood;
Will each link their minds,
As they draw up their hoods.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Speaking Out! Writing Workshop

Speaking Out! Writing Workshop

Mercer County Senior High School

Thursdays at 6:30 pm
August 20th and 27th
September 17th and 24th
October 22nd and 29th
November 17th

For more information contact:
Roni Gilpin @ 859-319-3531
Betty Dean @ 859-583-6355

Monday, August 3, 2009

Book Release Party

Host: Nomadic Ink
Type: Party - Mixer
Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Kentucky Fudge Company
Main Street, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

The Community of Mercer County Writers - Nomadic Ink - is hosting a book release party to celebrate 2 books by Harrodsburg native authors. Earl Dean will be signing his new young adult book - A TAILOR MAIDEN'S SECRET - and Tony Sexton will be signing his new book of poetry - SCRAPS.

Everyone is encouraged to come out and support these wonderful authors. Books will be available for purchase.