Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KSPS Mid-Year Conference

The Kentucky State Poetry Society will have its Mid-Year Conference April 16-17, 2010 in Harrodsburg, Kentucky

All events will take place on Main Street in Harrodsburg. Meetings and workshop will be held in the Masonic Lodge and The Kentucky Fudge Company at the top of Main Street across from the courthouse construction.

Main Street intersects with US 68 from Lexington, from Louisville turn left at the intersection of US 127 and US 68 then at the stop light turn right on Main Street.

The Friday Night Poetry Reading will begin at 7 pm in the Masonic Lodge and end when everyone is ready to stop. You may come and go as you please.

Saturday Morning we will meet upstairs at The Kentucky Fudge Company, (great coffee and scones) just up the street from the Masonic Lodge at 10 am for a short introduction meeting and workshop assignments and locations.

Workshops will begin @ 10:45 and run until lunch time. There are several wonderful places to have lunch right on Main Street including one of Kentucky’s best Mexican restaurants, Lafonda’s. The Kentucky Fudge Company will be open with fantastic sandwiches and drinks and we are hoping one of the best home cooking restaurant in Harrodsburg, Cousins, will be open. Just off of Main Street is a wonderful cafĂ© called The Bus Station where you can get a great burger and other tasty delights.

At 1 pm we will meet at The Ragged Edge Theater, just down Main Street from the Masonic Lodge where we will be entertained by some of the Ragged Edge Players. From there we will go to the next round of workshops which will end @ 4-4:30.

The Finality Banquet will be held upstairs at The Kentucky Fudge Company where you will be treated to one of the finest buffets you have ever experienced. After we eat The Kaboom Writers Collective will speak to us about their writing experiences and read some of their work.

The Workshops:

Haiku Workshop led by Drew Logan. I highly recommend this workshop if you have ever wanted to write haiku or if you are just wondering if you could. Drew has a large collection of haiku to share including many of his own.

How To Produced A Video Of Your Creative Writing led by Tom Vigneri a professional videographer and producer is a Workshop discussing how to adapt printed work into television presentations by explaining visualization, sound, performance, equipment needs, resources, the production process and production techniques.

A Persona Workshop led by Sherri Wright will explain persona poems, what they are, how to share someone else's skin for a brief time, see as they see, think as they do, let them whisper their stories into your ear. No brain cells will be harmed in the attendance of this workshop

(Note: Due to the lack of proper equipment we will not be doing the Chapbook Workshop led by Bobbi Rightmyer but Bobbi will be around to answer questions and explain the process. Just ask her to tell you about the process.)

We want your visit to Harrodsburg to be a wonderful experience. If you have not signed up and still would like to, give me a call so I can get a good banquet count. You will be able to pay your fee Saturday morning.

~~Tony Sexton

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