Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Library Kick-Off

As many of you know, our new Mercer County Public Library will be opening hopefully sometime in November and the Community of Mercer County Writers may be asked to help with the Grand Opening. I am not sure what we might be asked to do but I am sure whatever it is, it will be fun.

In conjunction with that I thought we might create another chapbook to give away during the celebration (which will probably last more than one day). I am open for suggestions as to what sort of content we might put in to such a chapbook but my initial thought is that we write about some experience we have had with reading, the importance of a library or even a fictional piece about a library visit... something along those lines but I am not locked into that so if you have suggestions let's talk about them when we meet on August 27th.

I have been asked to have a workshop scheduled as soon as the library is open. It will be something they will promote during the opening. I would like to do something different but I am at a loss for a good idea at the moment. So, again, I am open for suggestions. I have been considering having a running workshop that meets once a week there and the first workshop could be a kick off for that... I bet some of you already have a good idea... bring these ideas with you on the 27th as well. You may not know it but when the library was being designed, I asked for a room that we could use for workshops, one with a small kitchen, maybe a dry erase board and so forth.... well, it is there.

They have designed a large room that can be divided and both rooms will have a sink and a place to make coffee, etc. One side is larger than the other and the plan is for us to use the smaller of the two parts. Both rooms will have access to the restrooms and we will have our own exit so we do not disturb anyone or vise versa. They have gone out of their way to make it easy for us to meet and have workshops so I want us to use it to the max. Isn't that really cool? This morning I toured the new library. It is coming along great and you can see where everything is going to be and I will tell you it is going to be a very impressive place and we will be so proud to have such a place right here in Mercer County.

Hope to see everyone there,

Tony Sexton

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