Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grasshopper Holler

(Drawing by Josh Pincus)

We had such a great meeting last night! 14 members in attendance - that must be a record, and we hope to keep it up.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, March 11th at 6:30 in the Kentucky AG Center - we are hoping this will be our last meeting in the Ag Center before we can move back to the Mercer Public Library.

The assignment for next meeting is to begin expanding "Grasshopper Holler" - this is a concept Tony started in a workshop a few years ago. You have several options:

  • Develop a character
  • Construct a building
  • Describe the town and/or setting
  • Begin writing a story

This is an idea we are kicking around for the literary magazine we have in the works - a serial story about "Grasshopper Holler" with each member making a contribution for each magazine.

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