Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bi-Monthly Meeting

Nomadic Ink held their bi-monthly meeting this week at the United Presbyterian Ink. With Tony not present, no one had planned anything for the meeting. We eventually did a jump start:

You are finally going on your dream destination, the thing you have waited for all your life. You get to the place, and find there are no rooms to be found. What do you do? And just to make it a tad bit harder, we had to word in the song title "Great Balls of Fire."

For those who follow us on the blog, this can also be your assignment of the week.

At the beginning of Nomadic Ink (formerly known at The Community of Mercer County Writers), we all agreed the Mercer County Humane Society would be our volunteer program. Last May, we held the first annual "Prose and Poetry for Pets." We wrote volume 1 of the chapbook and sold them to benefit the Humane Society. There were also a food vendor, pet painting, and rabies clinic. The weatherman from channel 27 was the MC. We had fun and earned money for our organization.

Because we are so close to Prose and Poetry for Pets, the majority of members at the last meeting agreed we need to put Grasshopper Holler and the Literary Magazine on the back burner and work on the "Pets" chapbook. You can enter any type of pet or animal story, with preference given to rescued, adopted or stray animals. This can be poetry, prose or a short story and it is due to Bobbi by April 22nd

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