Monday, March 9, 2009

April Assignment

Hello Ink Blots;

The April assignment for Nomadic Ink is slightly different, mainly because we will be trying new "technology" or "equipment."

The assignment is "MAY FLOWERS" and it should be more than 500 words, but less than 800 words. Now for the new technology: Tony would like for everyone to post their May writing here on the Nomadic Ink blog.

After you have posted your writing, check out everyone else's writing and leave a comment with constructive criticism.

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  1. OK, Ink Blots, Bobbi has done her part and has the Challenge posted. Are you up to the challenge???? Sure you are. I am looking forward to our using this "technology" as a tool for our writing. If you are reading this and you are not an Ink Blot, we offer you an invitation to contribute to this Challenge. The thing is we are "A community of Mercer County Writers" who encourage and promote writing "EVERYWHERE" so if you are somewhere far away or just around the corner... JOIN us and contribute something. If you want to join this blog, post a comment here with your email address and Bobbi will send you and invitation... I hope we see a lot of response from our members and non-members.


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