Sunday, May 24, 2009

Give me some honest critique

As you can see, I have posted the story I did not read at the meeting on Friday night. This is one of the stories I am working on for the book I am going to call "Snapshots" and I need your eyes.
If you would try to answer these questions for me:
1. What is the picture you get from this story?
2. What is hidden in the story that is not about going to the fair?
3. Is this story too predictable?
4. Is the dialogue believable?
5. What is your Very Honest opinion of the story? Give me details.

I am very serious about this book and each of you reading it can help me accomplish what I want to do if you give me a critical eye.
Thank you

By the way, I thought we had a good meeting Friday even though we did go a bit longer than usual... I promise that will not happen again.... You all are the greatest!

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