Thursday, September 16, 2010

As many of you now know ...

... our fearless leader, Tony Sexton has been ill and in the hospital. Our meeting on September 10th was cancelled and the meeting for September 24th may also be cancelled, unless someone wants to step forward and lead the group. I'm not comfortable leading the group, but I am continuing to work and edit the two chapbooks we are working on.

The first one - Scary/Ghost Stories - has a deadline of September 24th in order for us to get it edited, proofed and printed by October 9th, the day of the Arts Council Fall Festival.

The second one - Library Memories - has a deadline of October 22nd and will be used at the grand opening of the brand-new Mercer County Public Library.

You can email your stories, poems or prose directly to me at:

Everyone will receive a draft of the chapbook before it is printed to make sure everything is correct and placed in the way you want it.

Please be sending in stories ASAP - the deadline for the first one is fast approaching and we currently only have 24 pages filled. The "Prose and Poetry for Pets" was 60 pages long and we don't necessarily need to have that many pages, but I would like to have between 35 and 40. These stories are not limited to people from Mercer County, so if you have friends that like to write, please tell them to send something in.

Please keep Tony in your thoughts and prayers, and hopefully he will be back with us very soon.

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