Monday, January 26, 2009

Conversation with Terri Lee


Me: You have been with me for a long time you know?

Terri Lee: Yes, I know and you haven't treated me very well all these years.

Me: I know, and I am sorry for that, but I have kept you for 53 years.

TL: But I am a little worse for the wear to say the least.

Me: You were my very favorite doll and I played with you a lot.

TL: You sure did and played hard, I might add. I am on my 6th wig and it isn't even a real
Terri Lee wig. For years, I laid around in a shoe box with my arms and legs detached.
Someone knocked me off the dresser and broke my head too.

Me: I am really sorry, I did finally get you out of that box and took you to the doll hospital
though. That lady had a good reputation; I truly thought she would make you good as
new. She did get your head back together good and your arms and legs are attached

TL: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but this dress is not a Terri Lee original and this wig is the pits. I
have to stay in that doll cabinet all the time with all those well-dressed dolls and just
look at me!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for treating your "favorite" doll like
this. Favorite, yeah right!

Me: Terri, I am ashamed of myself and I promise I will order you a real Terri Lee wig and
a whole new outfit, just to show you how sorry I really am. I did name my daughter
after you, you know.

TL: Yeah, I know, I hope you took better care of her than you did me.

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  1. What a great conversation, Paula! It reminds me of all my dolls, now safely locked away behind glass!


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