Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Advanced Writer 2nd Week Challenge

Last night's first meeting of the Advanced Writer Workshop went smoothly with 7 people attending.

After introductions and greetings, Tony went over the objectives for the class:

1.) Refining our writing skills and looking at publication possibilities.

2.) Working on the process of revision.

3.) Listening to, learning from and talking with seasoned writers who have had work published.

4.) Discussing goals, ideas and inspirations.

Last night's "Jump Start" exercise will turn into the assignment for next week. We were asked to write a complete story with at least two characters and a point or moral in 150 words are less. This was our jumping off point and was to help us hone in on our characters and moral.

Over the week we are to work on this story and bring it back next week as a complete revision not exceeding 150 words.

Good luck to everyone and we'll see you next week!

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