Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers
By Bobbi Rightmyer

May flowers are now pushing up through the moist soil,
Spurred on by generous April rains and the beginning of summer sun,
Delighting the sight and other senses
Capturing a gardener's imagination.

Peonies are the elders, hold-overs from gardens gone by,
Straight red stems lead to the formation of glossy green leaves,
Large sugar ants invade the tightly curled buds
Offering pollination that ends with a cornucopia of colors and textures.

Daylilies wave daintily with the sun-drenched breeze,
Blossoms of yellow, orange, red and pink high above blades of beautiful green foliage.
Although the flowers only bloom for a day,
They offer a dash of color as well as tasty additions to salads.

Iris come in many sizes, textures and shapes.
Repeat bloomers, ruffled edges, Siberian and miniatures ones, not to mention those with encrusted beards.
Practically growing above the ground, this faithful perennial is a staple in many home gardens,
And Iris' make the perfect "pass along plant" to share with family and friends.

Dandelions always receive a bad rap from people who see them as weeds,
But I know the truth of their nutritional value and every day uses.
The leaves contain many good vitamins and make the perfect addition to summer salads,
And the buds can be brewed into tasty oils and vinegars and fermented into dandelion wine.

Although not a flower, there is one May occupant that rows in rampant abundance,
The vivid green grasses supplying the backdrop for all the colorful posies.
From thick lush lawns to ornamental focal points,
It would not be May without this hardworking carpet of green.

Some tulips are still blooming tho` most are now passed peak,
And daffodil leaves are still standing tall, preparing the nourishment for the underground bulbs.
Apple and pear blossoms have all blown away, setting the stage for the fruit to come.
But the snowball bush is preparing to shine as the branches are laden with fluffy while balls.

May flowers give us Mother Nature's finest show,
Sparking the desire to work outdoors.
Planning and plotting to decide what to plant
To add variety for a more beautiful display next year.

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