Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hummingbird

(Photo by Jim Pankey "WildSpirit")


Little hummingbird, you mean the return of spring to me
Hovering daintily over the honeysuckle vine
Dipping and weaving, soaring and floating
Frontwards or backwards you are full of energy I would love to harness
Seeking out nectar to fuel your course
You help to pollinate nature's beautiful world
Seeking out blossoms of red, orange, and bright pink
But many don't know you find nectar incomplete and supplement your ravenous diet with spiders and insects met along the way
Most people think you fly all day
But little hummingbird, I know the truth,
From watching you linger on the branch of a pine tree, or settled quietly in your nest, you spend far more time relaxing than flitting about
So welcome spring, welcome warmth
And welcome my dainty little hummingbird

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